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I love going to concerts but buying tickets will always be the death of me. It's like a bloody brawl to get your mitts on a good pair. Fortunately I got my tickets for Jones Beach and PNC in Jersey, so I'm all set... for now. Trying to get Vegas tickets for later and next week is Boston and GOD WHEN WILL IT ALL END?!?!?!

At least it'll all be worth it.
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No kidding; Ticketmaster goes out of their way to be arsefaces. I scored one for Red Rocks on 31 July.
I wish to have problems like you have))
It seems that I will never see them alive!
Oh no! Why can't you go this time around?
I live too far away...
Where do you live? I have two extra tickets for Jones Beach if you're able to make it there!
you can look in my userinfo, and maybe you'll be surprised))
OMG yea you live too far away. :)
the mansfield show goes on sale this monday and my birthday is coming up soon, therefore i asked for tickets :)

yeah, it's in mansfield mass, not boston. It's a good hour away from boston. I live like a half hour outta boston in southern NH. this place is damn near rhode island.
I always turn into one giant panic attack when it comes to buying tickets, because I never get good seats. :/
I am all about the giant panic attack.
those are AWESOME

especcially the shaking and twitching and urge to vomit, those are my favorite parts.
How about the headache and the massive streaming of tears? Those are my favorites.
Oh yeah, forgot about that.

I also enjoy not leaving my house for a few days afterward and wallowing in my own stink trying not to scream and destroy things.