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Steely Dan concert! - x-posted from my journal

Tonight I went to the Steely Dan / Michael McDonald concert with ronnie1969.

Intro - Unidentified Instrumental
"Time Out of Mind"
"I Got The News"
"Hey 19"
"Green Earrings"
"Black Cow"
"Dirty Work"
"Show Biz Kids"
"Do It Again"
"Don't Take Me Alive"
"Kid Charlemagne"
"Reelin' in the Years"
"My Old School"

ALL old songs. I longed to hear some of their newer stuff, but I came to the conclusion that it was very deliberate for them to do all old stuff, since their new album isn't out yet, and since former Steely Dan band member Michael McDonald (who was in it LONG AGO) toured with them. The next tour should, I hope, include a mix of the newer stuff.

Michael McDonald was cool too, and I happen to know a lot more Michael McDonald songs than I thought I did.

Donald Fagen looked pimped out in his big red suit jacket with shoulderpads.

We sat out on the lawn, soaking up a few rays, a few raindrops, lots of wind, several mosquito bites, and lots of cigarette/"Doobie" smoke.

I got a glow stick thingy, a t-shirt, and had a good time.
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