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7-25-06 MountianView, CA X-posted from Pantera bulletin board

just got back from the big show.
I arrived just in time to miss Michael McDonald's set. The last 30 seconds of Takin' it to the Streets was enough for me.

Steely Dan were damn good. I was impressed with Donald Fagan's vocals and melodica playing and not his keytar playing.
Walter Becker just played endless wanky guitar solos.
The band was tight. To play the title track to Aja is pretty ambitious what with the most dense chords of any rock song and several minutes of drum solos. They pulled it off surprisingly well.

here's the set list...

- instrumental Intro
- Bodhisattva
- Time Out of Mind
- Aja
- I Got The News
- Hey 19
- Deacon Blues
- Josie
- Green Earrings
- Black Friday
- Dirty Work - featuring surprise guest appearance by Bonnie Raitt
- Show Biz Kids - vocals by Michael McDonald
- Do It Again
- Peg
- Don't Take Me Alive
- Kid Charlemagne
- FM
- My Old School

no complaints other than the giant pile of garlic fries the girl next to me was holding the whole time.
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