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Hate Confessions of an Angry Young Man

At the Steely Dan show

What an amazing show. My whole family went to the show at the DTE 9/2 and weren't disappointed. Half of us were split on which show was better, this or the 2003 show here. But anyways, heres the set list.

-Time out of Mind
-Hey 19
-I Got the News
-Home at Last
- Black Friday
-Chain Lightning
-Green Earrings
-Dirty Work (Sung by the girls with Don on backup)
At this point, as they were "funking out", Becker introduced the band (again?) and finally got aorund to bringing McDonald out. He played with the band from this point on
-Show Biz Kids (Sung by McDonald)
-Do it Again (Sung by McDonald)
-Don't Take me Alive
-Kid Charlemagne

-My Old School

Overall, a very solid concert. Definately was surprised by Chain Lightning. All the musicians were on too, except the guitarist. Kinda junked up My Old School. Only disappointment of the evening was the encore; it was the exact same two songs they played last time, and FM is NOT encore material.

I got me a Steely Dan T-Shirt though. I didn't realize they were selling hoodies too, cause now I want one. If anyone knows a place I can get my hands on some tour merchandise, let me know.
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