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Hey folks!

I understand that neither Becker or Fagen played on the studio version of  "Negative Girl", but has anyone heard it live? Does anyone else share an affinity for that song like I do?

Just thought I'd ask!

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Hey guys and gals!

What's goin' on?

I'm new to livejournal and this group. I don't have very many friends on here so I hope to make a few here soon.

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Steely Dan

Chicago 06-27-07

Steely Dan roxxored as usual! I was pleased!

The drummer, Keith Carlock, was a complete f***ing maniac! I loved him! For some reason when I listen to "Aja" through my headphones, I don't notice how incredibly f***ing heavy the drums are. [Not that I expect he was the original drummer]

I am totally, completely, utterly envious of the "backing vocals" singers Cindy Mizelle and Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery. If I could have any job in the entire universe, I'd have theirs! Totally! The Dan are touring all over the US followed by Europe, Japan, and Australia / New Zealand. I could hardly have any complaints if I could live one of their lives!

After all, literally every song was carried by them, and it's almost not fair to call them "backing" vocalists. I love Donald Fagen's voice, but during this concert his vocals sometimes seemed like an afterthought. Then again, I can't sing like freakin' Jennifer Hudson like they do, so I don't think I would qualify for that job anytime soon.

That's all I have to say about that!
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Somehow, my son deleted all my bookmarks from Firefox. I've used my history and my few brain cells to reconstruct some of what was in there.

While brainstorming today, it hit me that I should be working instead. *gasp!*

So, I ask you to waste your company's money instead. ;)

What sites do you consider vital reading/viewing for SD news? Of course I already have the official site bookmarked.

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At the Steely Dan show

What an amazing show. My whole family went to the show at the DTE 9/2 and weren't disappointed. Half of us were split on which show was better, this or the 2003 show here. But anyways, heres the set list.
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Overall, a very solid concert. Definately was surprised by Chain Lightning. All the musicians were on too, except the guitarist. Kinda junked up My Old School. Only disappointment of the evening was the encore; it was the exact same two songs they played last time, and FM is NOT encore material.

I got me a Steely Dan T-Shirt though. I didn't realize they were selling hoodies too, cause now I want one. If anyone knows a place I can get my hands on some tour merchandise, let me know.
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I'm taking my daughter to her first rock concert tonight - her first just happens to my favorite band and one her father loves a lot too... which is of course Steely Dan!

I'm so excited! Last time I saw them, I won front row center stage tickets and it was awesome. But having the chance to take my kid to see them before they retire is even better. I remember my first concert to this day - The Police on the Synchronicity tour.

She is eight and loves to sing the line, "Go back Jack, do it again" - in fact, I can hear her signing it in the tub rightnow. She just started playing drums this year so we are happy Keith Carlock is playing on this tour because he should be a treat to watch.